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About Us

COLAKOGLU A.S. It started its commercial life in 1972 with the marketing, import and export activities of textile industry products. Due to the changing trends in the global textile market and the decrease in profit margins in textile wholesale, the company decided to enter the industry, visiting international fairs between 1994 and 1995, and conducted research on yarn trends in the world.

As a result of the changes in the trends in the global textile market, the company put into operation the elastic coated yarns and combined blended yarns (SPANDEX COVERED YARN ) production line in Istanbul İkitelli Organized Industrial Zone in 1996 with the brand GIPEX tm. for cost reduction purposes, to benefit from the incentive scope  moved the entire enterprise to Kütahya and continues its production in the new  company established under the name of BESTELAST LTD . General Management is followed from Istanbul offices.

The company, which started production with 3 machines in 1996, has become the leader in the sector  and has a monthly production capacity of 250 tons. With its 100-120 employees and modern, high-tech additional machinery, it sends most of its production to abroad, directly or indirectly, with the support of R&D studies, information technologies and human resources investments. It is a company that makes a difference in the world market with its customer satisfaction and economic price concept, with the slogan "Quality is Valuable, It Pays for itself".

GIPEX tm products are used in the production of the following products;

Women's socks (Hosiery & Stocking), Socks (Socks), Underwear (Seamless), Narrow weaving (Narrow weaving), Weaving (Weaving), Denim (Indigo), Knitting (Knitting), Knitwear (tricot) and Home textile (upholstory) .

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